End of Life Care

Gold Standard Framework

The Practice particpates in the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) which is a framework to enable a gold standard of care for all people nearing the end of their lives.

The aim of the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is to develop a locally-based system to improve and optimise the organisation and quality of care for patients and their carers in the last year of life.

Goals of GSF are to provide high quality care for people in the final months of life in the community with:

  1. Patients are as symptom controlled as possible
  2. Place of care – patients are enabled to live well and die well in their preferred place of care
  3.  Security and support – better advance care planning, information, less fear, fewer crises/admissions to hospital
  4. Carers are supported, informed, enabled and empowered
  5. Staff confidence, communication and co-working are improved